6 Popular Songs With Meanings Nobody Knows

4. Human - The Killers

Apparently inspired by a quote from Hunter S. Thompson, Human became a smash hit for The Killers, even though it at times is grammatically incorrect and has a lack of clarity about what the message of it is supposed to be.

Human's main line raises the question of if we're human or if we're dancer. That's 'dancer'. Singular. And there are a lot of seemingly random things strewn together, including allusions to saying goodbye to devotion and good in the world.

Lead singer Brandon Flowers has indicated that in part the song is a critique of the modern tabloid culture while other moments refer to the long-lasting marriage of his parents and how sad it is that it has become such a rare thing. Beyond that, the band has seemed content to remain coy.

A popular theory of what else the song might be referring to is death and the desire to make peace with God. Others include that it encourages listeners not to be 'puppets' of society.

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