6 Popular Songs With Meanings Nobody Knows

1. Hoppipolla - Sigur Ros

It's easy to understand why most wouldn't understand this song, seeing as most of it is sung in Icelandic. No offense intended to the great nation of Iceland, but rational people would agree the it's far from the world's most fluently-spoken language. But even still, things get...strange. While much of the song seems to literally be about playing in puddles, there are also portions of the song that are in 'Vonlenska' - a language made up by the band. That's right, the band created their own language.

Even if what is decipherable of the lyrics is about a bizarre topic and the rest is in some kind of secret Icelandic band language, the song's epic melody could probably make just about anybody feel like they could climb Mount Everest or land on the moon or achieve whatever other outlandish dream they might have. It's not surprising that Hoppipolla has been frequently used for film and television, including in the movies Penelope and We Bought a Zoo.

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