7 Best Musical Crossovers Ever

7 Magnificent Mashups

The summer might be coming to an end, with a distinct nip in the air and the nights starting to draw in, but movie season has not finished yet as this month sees the release of Sony Pictures’ latest blockbuster - The Magnificent Seven.

Set in the American town of Rose Creek shortly after the culmination of the US Civil War in 1865, the film is a remake of the highly regarded western film of the same name released back in 1960. Remake it may be, but an all-star cast that includes Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, and Ethan Hawke, alongside a distinct shift towards it being a more gritty, edgy, and thoroughly action packed affair means audiences can expect a much more contemporary reimaging of this much loved classic.

In the run up to the film’s release Sony paired up with music streaming service Spotify to put on a real musical delight, and demonstrate the success which can be achieved from people working together. Held at Shoreditch Studios on 16th September, a group of 7 international DJs were invited to come along and give partygoers a show to remember with collections of original mixes and collaborative free styling.

Included on the bill were the iconic figures of specialist Christian Varela from Madrid, Sao Paulo’s very own electronic wizard Wehbba, Berlin’s top House aficionado Wankelmut, Sydney based multiplatinum artist Hook N Sling, and Italy’s techno, dance and indie infused star David Squillace as well as with his fellow countryman the irrepressible Uto Karem. Last but very much not least, representing the vigour and vitality of the British dance music scene there was London native DJ S.K.T.

Magnificent Seven Image2

Bringing together a mix of musical styles and fun loving enthusiasm in a way that only a melting pot like London can allow, revellers were treated to a swathe of tuneful overlays and irrepressible beats, as each DJ got up in turn to deliver a solo performance which included their own individual take on the film’s guitar laden theme. Breaking down the barriers of conventional rivalry and the solitary nature of the way they work, the artists were then all invited back on stage together to perform the ultimate intertwining of hooks, samples, and sick mash-ups. What followed was a triumphant and resounding success, with a culmination of their collective talents resulting in a remarkable finale.

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A full set list from each DJ from Shoreditch Studios, including the final collaboration, is now available over at Spotify. You also catch a trailer for The Magnificent Seven above.

To further bask in the joy of team-ups and artistic collusion, we thought we would take a look at some of the best musical mashups and collaborations from recent decades. In keeping with the septuplet nature of the film, here are 7 Best Musical Crossovers Ever.....

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