7 Good Songs From Bad Metal Albums

1. Shotgun (Limp Bizkit – Gold Cobra)

Gold Cobra was nothing short of terrible, acting more like a Fred Durst ego-trip than a nu metal album, with obnoxious lyrics that only demonstrated the frontman’s own, already obvious, big-headed nature.

But around halfway through, you’ll find one of the album’s lead singles, Shotgun, which is easily the best track on the album.

It feels like a well-needed throwback to the days of Chocolate Starfish, Significant Other, and Three Dollar Bill, and although the lyrics have very little substance behind them, they are fun, and that was something that the album was seriously lacking.

Combining said lyrics with a chunky riff and the regular John Otto master class on the drums, Limp Bizkit had produced the perfect guilty pleasure song for the “edgy” metalhead.

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