7 Problems Only Drummers Would Understand

Suffering endless jokes only for the bloody guitarist to get all the attention...


Scan any number of adverts pinned up in music shops and you're likely to find hundreds of people looking for drummers. The same goes for those 'Musicians Wanted' posts you can find online, and this is mainly because a great drum kit player is genuinely hard to find.

Yet, those same drummer-seeking potential band mates are only too happy to poke fun at their stick-wielding friends-to-be; if you're not hearing the same old tired jokes (that everybody - even the bass player - sees fit to laugh at), you're expected to cart around more equipment than everyone else.

Don't worry drummers, we feel your pain, especially when you're also expected to play wingman for fellow bandmates out on the pull.

Occasionally, you'll hear those aforementioned bassists whinging about a lack of attention, but such complaints pale in comparison to the ones a drummer could whine about.

Drummers and bassists do have something in common though, and that's an intense hatred of singers and guitarists which develops over time.

How dare they scoop up all the spotlight, don't they know drummers are people too?!

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