8 Crazy Conspiracy Theory Songs By Well-Known Artists

8. B.O.B Wrote A Flat Earth Anthem

Largely-forgotten pop-rapper B.O.B exploded into the headlines in 2016 for his laughable embrace of Flat-Earth conspiracy theories, sharing images that supposedly disprove the curvature of the earth, accompanied by a series of now-deleted charts and graphs.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson shot back at the rapper for being “five centuries regressed” in his thinking - this started rap's nerdiest, most absurd beef, culminating in the track “Flatline”, in which rapper accuses physicist of being a paid-up member of a truth-suppressing elite. If that wasn’t a bad enough career move, he also co-signs notorious Holocaust-denier David Irving.

All of the bad press hasn’t stopped B.O.B’s unwavering faith, however; in 2017 he started a GoFundMe page called “Show B.O.B the curve”, seeking to raise funds for weather balloons and satellites that would, at last, provide proof of the earth's flatness.

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