8 Incredibly Popular Songs That Make No Sense

No, you're not the walrus, shut up.

Songwriting can be a pretty intricate process, and it's also a very personal one. Writing songs allows people to listen in on your soul. It's putting your heart up on a public stage and granting listeners the opportunity to embrace who you are or, more likely, absolutely tear you to shreds. You know what's a great way for a songwriter to avoid all that scrutiny and keep the public at arm's length? Don't share anything personal. Write about stuff that doesn't really represent you or your honest feelings. Write about other people and fictitious things. You know what's an even better way to keep all that personal judgment at bay? Write lyrics that are so incomprehensible, so baffling that the song plays out like a sonic Rubik's Cube where each little block is its own Sudoku puzzle. These types of songs aren't as rare as you may think, and an unfathomable number of them manage to become incredibly iconic, despite either making no goddamn sense or, at the very least, sounding like they make no goddamn sense. And it didn't matter. We ate it up anyways.
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