8 Iron Maiden Songs That Are Far Better Live

8. Iron Maiden

The title track on the band's self-titled debut album. It's fair to say that the boys put a lot of stock into this song, and with good reason. Iron Maiden is one of their greatest tracks and is played at almost every live show.

Dave Murray and then-guitarist Dennis Stratton's dual playing immediately created a trademark sound for Maiden that has stood the test of time and can still be heard through every single studio album the band has put out.

Yet, as good as the song was originally, it is far better when played live today.

Dennis Stratton has since been replaced with not one, but two guitarists in Smith and Gers. So while two of them are duelling, the third is used for the rhythm work, giving the song a deeper, fuller sound that was absent on the original recording.

There is no denying that Bruce Dickinson is the best singer Maiden have ever had, and his incredible, larger than life stage presence is felt throughout this entire song. Nothing gets a crowd pumped more than Bruce wailing the infamous "scream for me" line to let them know what's coming. This is something that is simply impossible to capture in a recording studio.

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