8 Iron Maiden Songs That Are Far Better Live

7. Run To The Hills

Run to the Hills was introduced along with Dickinson on what is arguably the band's best album; The Number of the Beast. The opening drum riff was something new for fans, and is still possibly the most recognisable opening to any song in the Maiden catalogue.

There is nothing wrong with Clive Burr's drum work through the first three Iron Maiden albums, it is solid and consistent from beginning to end. Yet, when he left the band he was replaced with one of the best drummers in the world, Nicko McBrain. This was apparent from the start of his first album, Piece of Mind, and he has only improved with age.

So while the riff that kicks the song off is nothing short of iconic, Nicko has taken it to a new level and made it his own. There is an injection of a new energy and a heightened tempo led by the drummer, that bleeds into the rest of the band for this song. This is helped by the fact the drum kit used in their live shows is one of the biggest you are ever likely to see.

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