8 Iron Maiden Songs That Are Far Better Live

1. Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers has been a crowd favourite since it's release on the Brave New World album in 2000. Yet over the years it has taken on more meaning as Bruce elegantly explains before each performance of the song.

He simply tells the audience that no matter who you are, what you believe, or where you come from you are welcomed as an Iron Maiden fan, and that the show you are watching is a chance to forget the terrible things happening in the world and just enjoy some music.

This is a message more important now than ever, and lets every fan know that they are accepted for who they are. This is a deeper meaning than any other Maiden song possesses, and over the years has been dedicated to the victims of many natural disasters.

Not only does this resonate with the fans and their response to the song, it can be felt through the band's performance as well. All six guys up their game for Blood Brothers, in particular Bruce Dickinson. You can feel all the emotion he exerts, truly meaning every word he sings.

Blood Brothers has evolved into one of the most powerful songs in the entire Maiden catalogue, with which the studio version can no longer compete.

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