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Musicians are the pinnacle of the celebrity world and are viewed by some of their more devoted fans as near-superhumans who can do no wrong and are incapable of looking stupid. But the reality of the celebrity world is that nobody’s perfect and musicians make fools of themselves more often than most people. Whether it’s Gwen Stefani climbing on a speaker and getting stuck or Jarvis Cocker publicly mooning Michael Jackson, almost every musician has an indiscretion somewhere along the line.

But rather than looking at the drink and drugs binges of music stars (a full list of which would be large enough to crash this website), we’ve chosen to focus more on moments where musicians were completely stupid all by themselves…


8. Krist Novoselic


Since this list contains examples of some pretty cretinous and, in some cases, horrible behaviour, we’re going to start with something harmless and funny that involves Nirvana, a bass guitar, and gravity.

When Nirvana performed their song Lithium at the 1992 MTV Awards, their bassist Krist Novoselic (Centre) threw his bass into the air only for it to land on his head and knock him to the ground. It was funny for the audience but wasn’t really the image that a grunge bassist wants to project for himself. Hopefully, next time Novoselic will familiarise himself with the laws of gravity a little more or improve his aim. Either that or do something stylish with his bass that doesn’t involve him accidentally headbutting it.

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This article was first posted on August 18, 2013