8 Rock & Metal Bands That Drastically Switched Genres

7. Korn

A Nu Metal trailblazer, Korn was one of the most popular acts of the late 90’s and early 00’s. They stayed true to these Nu Metal roots from 1994 to 2010 too, with their album record between these dates being absolutely astonishing.

This included the critically acclaimed Follow The Leader, which is one of the most influential Nu Metal albums ever recorded, which was home to arguably their most famous track Freak On A Leash.

This made it all the more surprising when their 2011 release The Path To Totality had the very prominent inclusion of Dubstep. It’s understandable why they decided to go in this direction, as Dubstep was a very big deal in the musical mainstream at the time, and although the ambition to try and break this market was admirable, it did not pay off for the band with the album receiving mixed reviews at best.

Chalking it up to experience and moving on, the band made their triumphant return to Nu Metal in 2013 with The Paradigm Shift, which critics and fans preferred considerably. This obviously made sense to the Californians, who’ve stuck to their roots ever since.

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