9 Insane Conspiracy Theories About The Illuminati And The Music Industry

No-one is safe from the Illuminati's influence... supposedly.

As the Internet so wonderfully portrays, the Illuminati and the music industry go hand in hand like some sort of twisted pop duo. It's inevitable: the Illuminati is associated with huge wealth, power and social status, and it's undeniable that many popular musicians absolutely fit that bill. The second is the supposed aim of the Illuminati: to control and influence the world's population, specifically young people who are at their most impressionable. A strong influence at an early age will keep them brainwashed for a long time to come. These two reasons combine, then, to make the music industry an absolute hotbed for Illuminati conspiracy theories. It doesn't help that the industry can be so fickle, too, generating overnight successes and branding certain artists irrelevant in the same amount of time. So from blood sacrifice to the invention of an entire genre, here are the most insane conspiracy theories about the Illuminati and the music industry.

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