9 Times The Grammy Awards Chose Its Metal Poorly

Gold in the wrong hands...


To whittle down a year’s worth of musical accomplishments to a list of five selections per genre is presumably daunting, though it would seem that the Recording Academy takes pride each year in making the Grammy Awards a shining example of the dwindling legitimacy of award shows wherein they typically lob several of the golden phonograph statues at individuals we’ll forget about in the coming year while finding new reasons to give awards to artists like Beyonce.

That is not to say Beyonce isn’t deserving of whatever accolades she may have at this point in her career, but… seriously? Best Rock Performance nominee?

Rarely one to be anywhere but beneath the wheels of the mainstream bullet train, heavy metal has been consistently snubbed by and/or misrepresented in the Grammy Awards, effectively showing that the Academy has their fingers far from the oft polyrhythmic pulse of the eternal dark horse.

Though changes have been made in recent years to the voting process and this year’s winner in Megadeth is long overdue, there were still times the Recording Academy recognized the wrong artists as nominees and/or winners.

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