Alter Bridge: 10 Awesome Tracks You've Never Heard

Four albums of incredible material produces some spectacular hidden rock gems.

It's not hard to recommend a slew of phenomenal tracks when the band you're delving into hasn't had too many rise to the surface of mainstream recognition, but still, chances are anyone reading this has at least head of Alter Bridge. Either as "That band who used to be Creed" (although that's starting to fade after over a decade of association), "Slash's singer's band" or "Those guys that did Edge's wrestling theme song", AB are a band with talents elastic enough to stretch across a great many different places, becoming all three of these things - but also much, much more. From the teeth-rattling riffs of lead guitarist Mark Tremonti - a man who sweats enough talent-juice to release sequential grade-A material for over a decade now - to Myles Kennedy, their frontman who tickles the moon with his high notes without even breaking a sweat, occasionally delving off on tour to sing the entire Guns n' Roses back-catalogue with Slash. They're a major force to be reckoned with, and have been ever since forming in 2004. That's the twin lead players and vocalists covered, but Scott 'Flip' Phillips and Brian Marshall round out the troop as one of the most thunderous rhythm sections in modern rock to boot. When combined, over the years it's given birth to four back-to-back incredible albums, packed to the brim with singles and superbly crafted anthems that have amassed an ever-growing fanbase of millions online. With so much material to choose from your average unacquainted rock fan isn't necessarily going to hear the best of the rest - but that's something that can be remedied right now.
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