Beyonce - The Mrs Carter Show World Tour Review (The Australian Leg)

Timthumb2 All rise for Queen Bey... The undisputed Queen of well, everything kicked off the Australian leg of her Mrs Carter Show world tour last night in Melbourne and despite the torrential down pour sent down over fans leading up to the show, the stadium was full to the brim. Beyonce's supporting act came in the form of Iggy Azalea. I don't know a lot about this artist but have been reading so much in the media lately about her cancelling shows left right and centre and putting out some very questionable behaviour, so needless to say I was very curious about her performance. Some people say if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all but not only did this girl not have an inch of rhythm in her body, her Sasha Fierce stance was completely embarrassing and I literally witnessed people get up and see it as a good time for a drinks run. I got the feeling that Ms Azalea was trying to entertain but just didn't really know where she was or what day it was for the matter. We were quite uncomfortably treated to a brief dutty wind to the very relieving sounds of Sean Paul's Like Glue and Get Busy but her appearance as a whole was absolutely terrible. Needless to say the crowd was hungrier than ever for Bey and the huge screens projected some teasers in the form of Pepsi and perfume advertisements to warm us up for her appearance. A curtain eventually dropped to the stage donning Queen Bey's very own 'B' crest and shortly after the woman herself popped on to the stage led by her fabulous head of hair and her now very famous 'nasty face'! The show opened with Who Run The World (Girls) which is obviously a party starter and is undoubtedly going to get the girls in the audience wanting to start a movement and feeling like they can do anything, which is right where Bey wanted us! The message was clear throughout the show using montages of family pictures and video clips of empowering messages, yes Bey is Queen but she also wants us all to take a journey with her and we too, can share her royal throne and reign in our own right. Through her many interactions featured in the clips such as President Obama, her daughter, her husband and her fans the message was the same, "be who you were born to be" and love wholly and fully during your lifetime. This wasn't just your typical winding, grinding and occasionally singing, gig that some artists provide but an enriching and empowering experience leaving all genders feeling like they have taken something positive out of an otherwise unbelievably entertaining evening. Beyonce sang and danced her way through her huge back catalogue of hits with some songs taking a twist on the original with If I Were A Boy sung to the melody of The Verve's Bittersweet Symphony. This was a beautiful take on both songs and a refreshing twist. As I said earlier, Sean Paul is always welcome with me so Baby Boy featuring an amazingly grimey dutty wind dance break was a highlight for me! Bey knows how to feature light and shade in her shows and she is just as brilliant sat on a piano in an embellished one piece singing 1 + 1 as she is whipping her ring finger out to the tune of 10,000 girls all doing the same thing to Single Ladies. Crowd participation does not elude Mrs Carter as she ensures all sides of the arena are paying attention and urging them to greet her with "Heyyy Mrs Carter" and whipping out the microphone to stunned fans for them to sing lines "to the left, to the left" from Irreplaceable, although some were more interested in taking a quick selfie than stepping up and piping up. Shame on you! Queen Bey closed the show with a beautiful rendition of Whitney Houston's I will Always Love You which entirely seamlessly poured into her own ballad, Halo. At this point in the show I felt like I had been on an emotional rollercoaster. I had danced my feet off, sung until my throat was sore, and experienced such joy at the hands of one very talented woman to finish in tears at the sheer power of such a touching song. Beyonce had the hearts and minds of Melbourne captured for nearly two hours and for that she without a doubt, really does deserve a crown.
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