Beyonce's Muscly Superbowl Image: See Photo That Shocked & Awed Fans

Beyonce Derp For some the Super Bowl is the tentpole event of the entire sporting calendar: a day celebrating sporting achievement with the pomp and circumstance that such footballing prowess deserves. For others it is just an excuse to watch the half-time show and the handful of trailers for the year's biggest upcoming films, and then take to the Twitterverse to pick both apart as soon as they're over. The football is very much a secondary concern. And that second audience group will have been delighted after Beyonce's impressive Super Bowl half-time show to discover that one lucky photographer captured one truly magical moment during the performance. That snapper caught Beyonce half-way through what one can only assume was a typically aggressive dance move, showing the former (and future) Destiny's Child singer in not the most flattering of lights. Here's the image - after all it would be wrong to deprive anyone of another opportunity to enjoy it... Super Bowl XLVII Photo by Lionel Hahn/ Accusations of manishness have flown around the internet since the image's unveiling, with some cruel commenters on social networking sites openly mocking the picture with obvious glee. That has led to Beyonce's publicist apparently asking news sites to remove the unflattering images of her client (of which there are actually quite a few) - as Gawker revealed earlier this week. Nevertheless, the half-time show went down a storm - even the Destiny's Child segment in which the other two clearly had their mics turned down - and during the week of the game, Beyonce gained 108,274 new followers on Twitter, so she's not struggling for fans. Here's her half-time show in full...
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