Bloodstock Festival 2018: 10 Things We Learnt

10. Venom, Inc. > Venom

In the early ‘80s, Venom were basically the scariest thing in heavy metal. Their music eschewed the over-the-top pageantry and melodies of the contemporary New Wave of British Heavy Metal in favour of a more simplistic yet manic approach that was previously unheard of, while fans were questioning whether or not the musicians were legitimately Satanists.

Flash-forward to the 2010s and the mystique of the Cronos-fronted power trio has practically vanished thanks to constant line-up changes and their inability to expand upon the initial fury of Welcome to Hell, Black Metal and At War with Satan. So it was refreshing to see offshoot rivals Venom, Inc. – formed in 2014 by ex-members Mantas, Abaddon and Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan – decimate Bloodstock on the Saturday. The regenerated brutalists played an hour-long set that injected renewed enthusiasm into classic anthems while mixing them with new material from 2017’s killer Avé (the best release to have the Venom name on it since 1991).

Comparing Venom, Inc.’s recent trailblazer with the original article’s showcase at the 2016 Bloodstock only makes the former’s brilliance all the more apparent. And with new music already in the pipeline, it sounds like Venom, Inc. are only just getting started…


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