Brandon Flowers: 10 Best Covers You Need To Hear

The Killers' frontman has put together one hell of a discography.

Yui Mok/PA Archive

Since the release of The Killer's immensely popular 'Hot Fuss', lead singer Brandon Flowers has always been rather candid about his musical influences. With imitation apparently being the greatest form of flattery, it shouldn't be a surprise to find that he and his band have put together some mightily impressive covers over the years.

With over ten years of world tours and a B-sides album including three studio recorded covers to choose from, the impressive catalogue that Flowers has turned his hand to makes for quite the eclectic mix.

Now as his world conquering Killers sit in hiatus whilst each member explores alternative creative outlets, Flowers prepares to release his second solo album - The Desired Effect - later this month. The singer has already revealed a number of the album's tracks through various promotional performances and low-key shows, and will be bringing the whole party to the UK with a tour immediately after the album's release.

While setlists will be made up largely of the solo material, Flowers is never one to forget his roots, and so audiences can also expect to hear a few alternative takes on some of his biggest classics, alongside one or two new covers to put the icing on the cake. 

So, as Flowers plots his setlists and plans the surprises he has in-store for the UK crowds, why not take a look through ten of the best covers he has brought to fans in his career so far? Starting at ten...


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