Download Festival 2016: 10 Essential Bands You Must See

Seriously, do NOT miss them.


As with any major festival, Download Festival comes with some difficult choices. The stage clashes are never quite as bad as in Leeds and Reading, but its obviously impossible to see everything. And given how well the festival bookers do to populate the line-up, there are some wrenches.

This year, theres even more of an issue with the appearance of WWEs NXT brand and the promise of live wrestling at the same time as some of the bands. But its always a nice headache to have all the same.

Still, even with those clashes, there are some bands that you simply cannot miss. Whether thats because theyre phenomenally talented, or their importance is boosted this year thanks to recent success or circumstance, they should be the first names on your plans.

Here are the 10 bands you should NOT miss at Donington this year

10. Disturbed

Disturbed David Draiman flames

Few things will ever beat the experience from 2011 of Disturbed playing under a dank, heavy sky and bringing the sunshine out with Down With The Sickness. It was one of those gold-plated Download moments.

This year, the band return not only after a hiatus (a sure fire way to make any band essential viewing at a festival), but also buoyed by the mainstream success of their cover of The Sound Of Silence. Seeing that song alone in the sun (hopefully), will be a big enough reason to see the Chicago metallers.

When? Sunday, 5pm, The Lemmy Stage

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