Download Festival 2016: Rammstein Review

Industrial metal in the rain? Perfect.

Jen O Neill Rammstein Download Festival
Jen O Neill


Theres something morbidly fitting about listening to powerful industrial rock in a deluge with pyro-technics defying the weather Gods, and you get both in spades from German legends Rammstein.

It might only seem like five minutes since they headlined Donington (Download has a very real problem in that there arent any rock acts rising to the headline status at the minute), but their booking seems to fit the rest of the line-up. They never let anyone down, theyre solidly entertaining and theyre great showmen - in that context they fit with both Sabbath and Maiden.

Sadly, some of their sound was a little lost further back thanks to the wind, but at least the rain calmed down a bit by the time they played. And theres just no getting past the appeal of seeing Du Hast live in the company of non-German speakers shouting out butchered versions of the lyrics.

The set was missing the big fireworks display ending, admittedly, but they were actually probably the best of the headliners and they earned their spot admirably.

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