Download Festival 2018: 10 Things We Learned

8. Rock And Roll And Wrestling Really Works

Download Festival 2018 NXT
Sarah Koury

There's clearly just something RIGHT about the marriage of grappling and rock and roll festivals in fields. The community ethos is very similar and the characters all exist in the same sort of space as rock stars.

For the past few times they've been at Donington, the NXT (and now WWE UK CT performers) pulled in respectable crowds with folk turned away from the tent (or forced to queue outside at least, which didn't compromise viewing all that much). And it's a relationship that should continue.

7. Being Green Rocks

Like last year, Download ditched the paper cuts that used to be a means for collectors to make themselves some cash across the weekend for plastic cups that could be reused (for a small deposit that was refundable after use).

Not only was it great for the environment, but it meant considerably less rubbish around the festival site and a far better experience. Sure, some cups were misplaced but they also worked as little mementos from the festival, with several different designs.

Oh, and in case you wondered, you CAN have noodles three times a day.

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