Download Festival 2018: 10 Things We Learned

6. Rocktail Cocktail Stole The Show

Inevitably, the food and drink vans end up being a major part of the festival experience, and no stall made as big an impact as Rocktail Cocktail, the cocktail bar that came with DJs and an open-air dancefloor that was packed seemingly all weekend.

Even when the big headliners were on, there was no lull in the activity. They'll need to be back every year now. Residency.

5. Everyone Needs Ska

While the majority of the crowd were watching Marilyn Manson on the main stage, Less Than Jake reminded everyone just how fun their brand of ska punk is and how infectious their shows can be.

Armed with their trusty horn section and toilet roll cannons, they whipped up a frenzy of crowd surfing and skanking and reminded everyone just what it was like to be in 2003 again. Even if they admitted not remembering it the first time round.

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