Download Festival 2018: 7 Best Performances

6. Alexisonfire

It's shows like this that make you really thankful that the farewell Alexisonfire initially sent out into the world didn't last. Because the world of rock and roll needs Dallas Green's band and judging by the comfortable way they took to the stage, the band need this sort of arena to play.

They're both nostalgic and current - their angry, guttural sound matching Rise Against's more overt politicalism note for note - and it's still disquietening and wonderful to see how the band connects with its always fired-up audiences.

5. The Temperance Movement

With the likes of Wayward Sons and Greta Van Fleet in particular getting the most attention as the upcomers of the festival, Scottish rockers The Temperance Movement made a claim for themselves with what felt like a real breakout for them.

They might have three albums behind them now - with A Deeper Cut out this year - but they feel like a new, exciting addition to the British scene. And judging by the strength of this performance, they deserve to rise up the bill quickly.

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