Evan Andree - Flags Pt. III Review

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I started this year€™s reviewing off with the review of a little EP called Invisible Sap by Evan Andree; I€™ll admit I€™ve been obscenely quite on the reviewing front lately, but damn it I€™ve brought you news! Then it comes time for me to get some reviewing back on the cards and who do I have to review, but Mr Andree again. If you didn€™t read the review, have a quick look HERE and track down the EP €“ it€™s a solid bit of independent pop music. To focus on the issue, or product, at hand though I€™m reviewing his latest EP in the shape of Flags Pt. III, which is the third part in a trio of EPs entitled Flags, obviously, and as with the progression of that three and the progression from Invisible Sap to here there€™s been a clear development in Evan Andree€™s sound, and talent. evan andree flags part 3 The first of its three tracks is the sequence heavy slice of indie pop Actors + Disastors. It€™s got single written all over it really as it blends some neat little guitar hooks and some synthesized depth of sound via sequences, bleeps, bloops and an atmospherically uplifting synth haze through the choruses. Through its near four minute length the track manages to rise and fall in waves, but doesn€™t feel formulaic. The Cold Distruction Of Life follows on from here in a more subdued fashion, focussing on a misty eyed melancholia teary with electronics and piano. The production of the electronics, vocal harmonies and the song structuring displays a more mature lean to Andree€™s sound. Not only that but it displays a deft hand for atmospheric synths which is something definitely something Evan should delve into further. The eventual dissipating of instrumentation is a nicely emotional touch. Third up is a track you€™ll be familiar with if you did check about that Invisible Sap EP as its closing track is shared here in the shape of Mr. Teleportation. Still as instantaneously poppy and catchy, especially in its simple but effective chorus. However, here it is revamped and the further experimentation into electronics as exemplified so far on this EP give it another slant €“ one that it benefits from greatly, finding itself a whole lot more seductive and immersive. It swirls away into atmospherics before bringing back a new wave pop stomp for its chorus laden close. Another strong EP from Evan Andree, with some solid indie pop with a more electronic feel this time around that seems to suggest perhaps pop from a more synth based direction is his forte. Have a listen, check out his other stuff and see where he goes from here. Enjoy. Spelling mistakes and all. Listen to the EP on Bandcamp.

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