Franz Ferdinand: Right Thoughts Right Words Right Action

Weather permitting, Franz Ferdinand are Scotland’s The Strokes – except catchier, funkier, and (maybe) better looking. Find this statement as shallow as possible. The band’s hiatus left us feeling a little bland and bored, but now that their newest album is out, we’re all revitalized with the zany insanity of hooky material that we’ll be listening to for a long while. The band finds the right thoughts, right words, and right actions throughout this LP with very few missteps or jarring content.

One of the better and easier listens of this year, Franz Ferdinand avoids playing it safe with boisterous, thrillingly fun songs. The band’s fourth album just might be their best one yet, and I’m bringing a track-by-track breakdown to really get into the swing of thalbum.


1. Right Action

There’s very few tunes that are better than this one on this LP. We can clearly forgive Franz Ferdinand for their four-year hiatus, because this is completely worth the wait. A funky, groovy, and an oh-so-delicious bass line keeps this (and most of the tracks) together with a huge amount of likability. The chorus is simply the album title, but it will be stuck in your head for weeks if you’re not careful.

On a Saturday night or a Sunday morning, this track will sound good in any situation and in any locale. The track does a very nice silent moment with Alex Kapranos’ voice being isolated – oh, jeez, if you haven’t got what I’m saying already – this song is amazing. Go listen now.


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This article was first posted on September 3, 2013