Glastonbury Announces Headliners and Full Line Up

glastonbury festival 2013 I mean, sure, Bowie isn€™t playing €“ though, I mean, imagine it? God damn that would€™ve been good. It€™s okay though, he€™ll still be touring, not that anyone will be able to get a ticket of course; I€™m partially deluding myself on the hopes that, what with both being back this year, there€™ll be a David Bowie tour with Nine Inch Nails supporting. I MEAN COME ON! GET OUT OF MY HEAD AND IN REAL LIFE! This is about Glastonbury though, so moving swiftly on. There's no Daft Punk neither. After taking a year out last year, Glastonbury returns this year and unlike the other festivals opted out of revealing the acts in dribs and drabs, or full on straight up, and have surprisingly managed to keep the line up a secret right up until now. I mean, if you€™ve got Ronnie Wood willing to lie for you, you€™re on to a winner. Am I right? So yeah, Glastonbury has officially announced its line up, which was covered live on Zane Lowe€™s Radio 1 show through track plays of the headliners and an interview with Emily Eavis. I won€™t bog you down with too much of my clatter, and just say that it boasts some right pretty stellar inclusions. For a number of reasons, I wish I was going. Admittedly, why Mumford & Sons are headlining the Pyramid Stage is beyond me, but hey, you can€™t win them all, I guess. Two out of three ain€™t bad, what with Arctic Monkeys and The Rolling Stones. Though watching The Rolling Stones now would mostly be just to say you€™ve seen them, and hear some classics. That aside there are some great acts playing throughout the rest of the stages and lower down on the Pyramid Stage. Have a nose below and see what I mean. I wish I was rich. Hey, Glastonbury, fancy giving me a Press Pass? glastonbury lineup announcement
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