Iron Chic - "The Constant One" Album Review: All 11 Tracks Analyzed

Iron Chic The Constant One Cover

rating: 4.5

In nearly every group of friends, there is the one dude (or chick) that is beloved by every member despite being outwardly unspectacular in almost every way. This individual is not the funniest, most charming or most interesting person in the group, yet they are able to earn the respect of and build deep kinship with every member in the group. If the community of pop-punk is such a group of friends, Long Island, NY rock / pop-punk band, Iron Chic, is that ordinarily outstanding person. On their new album, The Constant One, Iron Chic infuse each song with an inexhaustible zeal for life, searching out small, everyday moments and celebrating both successes and failures as a part of the maddening, beautiful experience of being alive. The band also augments their workmanlike musicianship with expanded songwriting that explores slower, darker rock atmospheres than those heard of previous recordings. All eleven songs on The Constant One will be analyzed in this review. 1. The End €“ The Constant One begins with a sound effects laden, atmospheric build-up that envelops the listener in a soothing, joyful haze, setting the stage for the following ten songs. The one minute and thirteen second introduction to the album accomplishes the rare feat of strengthening the record with its presence by building listener anticipation and setting the mood. 2. Bogus Journey €“ Track two, the Bill and Ted referencing, "Bogus Journey," launches the album with a simple, energetic pop-punk trot. The song hits with a satisfying low frequency power, the thumping kick drum and growling wash of guitar acting as an improvement over the band's thin, sometimes flat sounding 2010 debut album, Not Like This. Singer Jason Lubrano enters with the verse and instantly endears himself to the listener with his fervent vocals, pushing his voice to its upper limit on nearly every note. The singer's vocals possess an element of dogged determination that embodies the band's message of fighting and clawing to find a way through the toughest times by any means possible.
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