Jimmy Eat World: 5 Essential Tracks

When it comes to essential Jimmy Eat World tracks how do you pick only five? Jimmy Eat World has had…

Joshua Foster



When it comes to essential Jimmy Eat World tracks how do you pick only five? Jimmy Eat World has had a long and storied career through which they have released some of the most influential music of previous, current and future generations. Never one to rest on their laurels Jimmy Eat World constantly pushes their sound forward with each new release while still maintaining everything that made you fall in love with them in the first place.

Many bands take chances with their sound but few manage to succeed. Jimmy Eat World is one of those lucky bands that have managed to make the music that they want, on their terms and not alienate any of their core fan base.


It’s tough to finding a starting point when it comes to the essentials but let’s try to dive right in to it shall we?


5. Your New Aesthetic

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Jimmy Eat World has so many unique and powerful songs. This song is extremely essential to their catalogue due to the fact that lyrically it is a mission statement.

“Lowering the standards in the process selective, the formulas too thin, but it takes more than one person so everyone jump on.”

This song is such a powerful statement when it comes to the state of popular music in general. The band pretty much calls out the music industry formula as a whole in anĀ attempt to let people know that the music you are fed by the radio is not the end all be all of popular music.

“Make them open the request line, let selection kill the old.”

Jimmy Eat World manages to craft a song that is extremely catchy and unconventional. The lyrics and melodies are memorable on their own but the driving guitars that thrash through the louder parts of the song manage to make a huge impression on the listener. Never has a band said so much about the way popular music is processed in such a small amount of time. The classic Jimmy Eat World loud/quiet dynamic is displayed with perfection here.

This may not be one of Jimmy Eat World’s most popular songs but it should absolutely be considered essential due to the fact that it single handedly tells the story of how the band broke away from the norm and managed to create their own path in the industry.