Korn Announces New Album Release Date

Earlier this year, Korn fans welcomed news that Brian “Head” Welch was returning to the band for a tour and…

Andy Lyons



Earlier this year, Korn fans welcomed news that Brian “Head” Welch was returning to the band for a tour and news came later that an album was in the works. For a life-long Korn fan, this news is amazing. While James “Munky” Shaffer has been doing his best to fill in both guitar slots, something has been noticeably missing from their sound. While “Korn III: Remember Who You Are” was the closest thing to the gritty, dark albums that we fell in love with in the ’90s, their most recent release “Path of Totality” was the furthest thing from.

As a fan, I embraced the album although I’m not much of a fan of dubstep. It was cool to see them integrate the electronica into their sound but it wasn’t Korn. By all means, branch out and do what you want. I can imagine playing the same stuff for 2o years gets boring.

On June 23, drummer Ray Luzier announced on his Instagram that “Korn press Konference in France, we played them parts of 2 new songs off our SIC new record coming out Sept 24th.”  When I saw it I went into schoolgirl mode, running around my house all giddy and excited for what’s to come. Most of the music I listen to is the same stuff I’ve been listening to since the ’90s, with Korn and Deftones my top two bands. One thing that’s been missing, and one of the reasons I don’t listen religiously to much newer music, is heart. Most of the lyrics seem like they’re forced. The music has no guts. Overall it just lacks emotion.

Growing up I identified with the emotion that lead singer Jonathan Davis puts into his vocals, and the dark, heavy sound that backs it pulls on my heart strings. As a fan, I’m hoping that this album is what the metal world has been missing, and based on the teaser that was published in early May, I’m ready. What do you think? Comment below!

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