Korn Officially Announces New Album Title 'The Paradigm Shift' For October 1st Release

korn In an interview with Rolling Stone published on its website July 9, Korn frontman Jonathan Davis and guitarist Brian "Head" Welch spoke about their new album, including the reveal of its official release date and title. "The Paradigm Shift" will be released Oct. 1, a week after the date drummer Ray Luzier previously announced via his Instagram in June. Welch and Davis also talked about the band's chemistry and how much more "positive" the band is. Welch said that the chemistry is good between he and James "Munky" Shaffer, the two helped catapult Korn's popularity in the '90s with their twin guitar style. Both Welch and Davis talk about how much more positive the band is working together since the last time Welch played with them, more than eight years ago.
"Welch agrees that the band is in a far better place than when he departed in 2005. 'Everything changed with these guys €“ everything is more positive,' he says. 'Now everybody gets along. Nothing's perfect, obviously, but for the most part, it's just really awesome and positive.'"
Welch also talked about knowing the band is in a better place after a successful European tour. The article quotes him saying that all the drama between band members comes out when their far from home and the stress level is high. Davis also talked about overcoming his personal demons while in the studio working on the album, which is where the album's title comes from.
"Listening to his lyrics for The Paradigm Shift, Davis has a sense of wonderment, as he admits most were crafted in his haze."
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