Korn Releases New Album Art & Track List For The Paradigm Shift

a_109690 In an exclusive with Revolver Magazine, Korn released the cover art and track list for their new album "The Paradigm Shift," which will be released Oct. 1. "The Paradigm Shift" is the band's first album with co-founding guitarist Brian €œHead€ Welch since 2003€s "Take a Look in the Mirror," and it serves as the follow-up to the band€™s 2011 dubstep/metal hybrid album, "The Path of Totality," which debuted Top 10 on the Billboard Top 200 chart and was named Revolver Magazine€™s €œAlbum of the Year.€ Welch left the band in early 2005 to deal with addiction and follow a path dedicated to Christianity. He has since released solo albums and worked with his band Love & Death. He played with Korn for hit single "Blind" at the Carolina Rebellion show in May 2012 and joined them for a tour in May 2013. It was announced on May 2 that Welch had officially rejoined the band and they were recording the album that would be the their 11th studio album, "The Paradigm Shift." In an interview with Kornrow.com, Welch said that either "Love & Meth" or "Prey for Me" will be the first single from the new album. Track listing: 1. PREY FOR ME 2. LOVE & METH 3. WHAT WE DO 4. SPIKE IN MY VEINS 5. MASS HYSTERIA 6. PARANOID AND AROUSED 7. NEVER NEVER 8. PUNISHMENT TIME 9. LULLABY FOR A SADIST 10. VICTIMIZED 11. IT€™S ALL WRONG 12. WISH I WASN€™T BORN TODAY (deluxe) 13. TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT (deluxe)
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