Linkin Park: Every Album Ranked From Worst To Best

How does One More Light stack up?

Linkin Park
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Linkin Park's seventh studio album, One More Light, is available now, and though the band has had its sure ups and downs over the last two decades, the impact they've had on the rock music scene throughout is undeniable.

From their explosive origins with 2000's Hybrid Theory to their more divisive and experimental recent releases, the band has been in a near-constant state of reinvention over the years, such that their current style feels almost totally divorced from the one that made them famous in the first place.

With One More Light being arguably their most radical release to date, it's a damn fine time to revisit the outfit's discography and figure out how the much-anticipated new release fits in with the rest of their back catalogue...

7. One More Light (2017)

Linkin Park One More Light
Warner Bros.

Best Track: One More Light

Worst Track: Heavy

Sadly, the band's brand-new release is by far their worst to date, pulling them even further towards the pop music spectrum while delivering a record virtually indistinguishable from their earlier albums.

There are a few catchy tunes throughout, and it smartly clocks in at a svelte 35 minutes, but the Stormzy collaboration (Good Goodbye) is legitimately cringe-worthy, there aren't enough guitars or Mike Shinoda, and overall it feels like a cynical step back rather than another ambitious style change.

At least future records probably can't get any worse than this though, right?

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