Megadeth: Every Album Ranked From Worst To Best

Thirty years and fifteen albums - only one can take the top spot.

When it comes to heavy metal, Megadeth are true pioneers, helping legitimize thrash metal and writing some of the genre's strongest, most memorable and influential material. Formed in 1983, the band has been on the scene for more than a staggering three decades. What's even more amazing is the consistency with which they've continued to write music. Despite many line-up changes the band has put out a whopping fifteen studio albums. There's no denying that these membership alterations have contributed to the extremely diverse catalogue of material written by Dave Mustaine and whoever he's currently collaborating with at the time. While not all of the band's records have pleased every single fan, it's nevertheless impressive how consistent their output has been in general, and how even now, over thirty years later, they can still play as technically and as heavy as they ever have. So lets take a brief look at all fifteen of the band's studio releases, separating the worst from the best and celebrating Megadeth's lengthy career...

15. Super Collider

Unfortunately for Megadeth fans, arguably the band's worst album is one of its more recent releases. 2013 saw the band drop Super Collider, an album which is, in the simplest of terms, just plain boring. Mustaine's lyrics are drab, his vocal delivery is weak and none of the songs are particularly memorable. It's as if the band was striving for something commercial without really attempting to write any legitimately catchy, fist-pumping anthems. It would have been much better for Mustaine to drop the pretence of attempting to simultaneously please fans and non-fans, and just double down on writing something as commercial as possible. Instead, the record falls completely in the middle, not having mainstream appeal while frustrating those who were hoping for something substantially heavier.
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