Metallica - Hardwired... To Self-Destruct: Ranking Every Song From Worst To Best

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It's been eight long years since Metallica came storming out of the gate with their acclaimed Death Magnetic, which basically served as a return-to-form and apology for the hugely divisive experiment that was St. Anger.

While Hardwired only sometimes reaches the heights of Death Magnetic, it's still a totally solid album for the most part, if admittedly more on the familiar side than some fans may like.

Still, there are at least two sure-fire classics on here and another few genuinely great tracks, while the rest of the album settles down to be basically comfortably decent. In short, there aren't any Invisible Kid-level duds on this record.

Also be sure to check out Metallica's YouTube page, where they've posted some pretty incredible music videos, live clips and making ofs for every song off the album (the former of which, we've included here).

Here is every song from Metallica's Hardwired... to Self-Destruct ranked from worst to best...

12. Now That We're Dead


The album's third track is also the first to disappoint: Now That We're Dead is pure, generic Metallica at their most uninspired (it almost feels like a tribute band at times), and of the several songs on this record that blend together through familiarity, this feels the most simplistic and unmemorable.

Yes, there's a pretty savage solo near the end which nearly saves it, but the riffs and lyrics basically go nowhere, making this track feel mostly like filler, even if it's still totally tolerable.

The Load vibe is strong... but the lesser side of Load, of course. It's corny and very straight-forward, though it does occasionally manage a few diverting moments.

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