Michael Buble & Gary Barlow Duets - Make This Xmas Number One

Someone should start a campaign to get the duet from this evening's Christmas special with the Canadian singer available to download IMMEDIATELY

Having just watched Michael Buble charm the entire ITV-watching world thanks to a magical Christmas special that was all about his ridiculously refined voice, and a number of showcase duets, I now know what I want for Christmas. I want Buble's duets with Take That frontman and sometimes grumpy X-Factor judge Gary Barlow to be released as a downloadable double A-side in time to storm the Christmas market, and take the number one spot away from either Little Mix or Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" or even the much-loved (and my former choice for the prestigious number one slot) "Wombling Merry Christmas". Because the duets - of Buble's "Home" and Take That's "Rule The World" were two of the finest bits of live music I have heard all year, regardless of how completely enchanted I am by Michael Buble's voice, or his stage presence. The marriage of Buble's honey-drenched and timeless big-band style vocals and Barlow's more tender, higher pitched soulful style was perfection, and the new takes on both songs added to the originals. If the songs aren't released to iTunes in the next 24 hours, it is a downright disgrace, because fans deserve to be given the opportunity to download both of the songs, and should be up in arms. This being the Year of the Protest, there has to be something that can be done, and I would urge as many people as possible to bombard Michael Buble, Gary Barlow and iTunes with requests to get the songs made available through their social networking accounts. And then download them. And tell everyone else you know to do the same. Because it would be nice to have a Christmas number one this year that isn't generated, soulless commerco-pop, or an angry dissenting alternative. It should be something festive, and of quality, and I can think of no more fitting a double-header of songs to be given the opportunity to take on the challenge. And if it was in aid of charity as well that is surely another fitting piece of the Christmas spirit jigsaw. This should definitely happen.
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