Misfits: Ranking All 7 Studio Albums From Worst To Best

7. The Devil's Rain (2011)

'The Devil's Rain', the first (original) studio album to be released by the Misfits with Jerry Only as the frontman, is also the least impressive in the group's entire catalog.

That's not to knock Only, mind you. Objectively, 'The Devil's Rain' is far from a bad rock album. However, when compared to the group's other releases, its creative direction is questionable at best.

The biggest issue with 'The Devil's Rain' is that it's an album with a noticeable identity crisis. It didn't know if it wanted to emulate the Glenn Danzig Misfits, emulate the Michale Graves Misfits, or be its own thing. It also didn't know if it wanted its horror elements to be campy or serious.

They threw a lot at the wall with this one and, to be fair, some of it did stick. For instance, the title track is fantastic. On the whole, however, this is an album that made the band feel like a shadow of its former self.

The Jerry Only-led Misfits did eventually find their footing (the 'Friday the 13th' EP was terrific, after all), but 'The Devil's Rain' will likely be remembered as the black sheep of the band's discography.

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