Music Quiz: How Well Do You Know Eminem?

Can The Real Slim Shady fans please stand up?


It's hard to believe it's almost been two decades since Eminem was let loose on the music industry with his major debut The Slim Shady LP. In those twenty years the Detroit rapper has broken records, won Grammys, gone to court, over-dosed, engaged in bitter rap beefs and divorced twice. In 2018 he is still here, releasing chart topping albums and rapping like he's a rookie out to prove himself.

The legacy and life of Marshall Mathers is filled with turbulent and mythical events that he has never shied away from addressing in his music, even pulling people such as his mother and ex-wife Kim into the songs of his albums, often making it difficult to separate fiction from real life.

It is this aura that comes with Eminem music, the strangeness and twisted cartoony world combined with the honesty that has helped him garner a die hard fan base that few musicians can boast.

With the release of his ninth album Kamikaze proving that the Marshall Mathers story is far from over, what better time to put your knowledge of the real Slim Shady to the test?

Answers at the end!

1. How Many Of Eminem's Solo Albums Have Been Executive Produced By Dr Dre?






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