NASS Festival 2013 - The Review

13.01.31_NASS13_logo01 Last weekend saw the start and end to NASS festival at Bath & West Showground at Shepton Mallet and what a weekend it was. Scorching heat, intense artists and an overall good time. NASS paves the way for upcoming Relentless festivals Boardmasters and Freeze, so what did we think of this event? Lets start with music. Great bands with even greater DJ's and acts. Friday saw the mainstage headliner of Katy B, with other acts including Andy C, Shy FX, Hadouken!, Idiom and more. Band after band, act after act of energy, talent and raw power as when each artist took the stage, the crowd went wild. Although the first proper acts of the weekend started on friday, NASS officially opened up to the public thursday for those early-birders to mingle, take in the summer heat while watching some pre-comp skating and skank out to resident DJs. A general chilled out vibe as unless your lucky enough to have time off from university, college or work, you would have been in the typical full flood of festival goers didn't appear till friday night. Nas Saturday saw the biggest day for music with the return of Hip-Hop legend Nas, while also playing host to further acts who don't appear at festivals that often including Kids In Glass Houses, Loadstar, Skepta, Heavens Basement and Zane Lowe. A large range and selection of acts where any goer would be enticed by more than one artist appearing at NASS. Maybe its my moderately high age but It's also slightly heartbreaking seeing the transform of music typically associated with extreme sports. Maybe it was just the copious amount of hangovers in the morning but compared to acts such as Loadstar, Zane and Nas, the other bands didn't get so much hype or crowd. Disappointing in that respect but nonetheless, they all put on an amazing act. Loadstar and Skepta were to perfection however by far (sorry Nas), Zane Lowe stole the whole weekend. A serious man with top form. The only act out of them all to get the already large crowd to grab any field loungers close by enjoying the sun to join the mainstage tent party. For those who haven't seen Zane perform, he is more than just a DJ and creates more excitement than any other hype man. His music may not be his own but mixing, dancing and often freestyle rapping over the top, just makes you move uncontrollably. Full marks from me.

Im the new kid in town. Holla!