Your New Online Jukebox: Party With 22tracks & Internet Explorer Music is like the universe; forever expanding, changing, developing. How do you keep on top of it all? It's now easier than ever to discover new tunes online, thanks to 22tracks. One of the world's leading music websites - they've teamed up with Internet Explorer to create a brand new online music experience, opening up an inspiring new world of artists and genres. Their concept is simple: 22 tracks. 22 genres. 22 DJ's. The hottest tracks of the moment are curated by top local DJ's from cities like Amsterdam, Brussels, London and Paris: all specialising in their own specific genre. Like house music? Wrap your ears around Nicky Romero's house playlist, straight from the clubs of Amsterdam. For those with a more fine-tuned taste, there's the brilliant jazz selection, lovingly hand-picked by China Moss in Paris. From hip hop to deep disco to tropical, DJ's from all corners of the world share their own individual flavours; each city bringing a unique musical vibe. The result? An expert guide in this crowded musical landscape to discover new artists and genres. "What should I listen to now?" is an ongoing daily quest for most people. The Internet is a minefield of music: with catalogues of 20 million songs available, it's easy to get lost amongst it all. Which is why 22tracks curative service is beautiful simplicity. What's more, it's free and works perfectly on any device. No registration, no hassle. With a little magic from Internet Explorer, the new HTML5-website is completely optimized for touch, allowing you to seamlessly navigate a music control panel that allows you to play, pause and scrub through a song using touch - the ultimate hands-on music experience.

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