Oasis: 5 Underrated Songs You Need To Love

There has perhaps not been such an iconic rock group in the UK since the Beatles; Oasis were perhaps the…

Jordan Higgins


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There has perhaps not been such an iconic rock group in the UK since the Beatles; Oasis were perhaps the biggest band of the 90’s. At that time you could not walk past someone on the street who didn’t love at least one of the Manchester band’s tunes, and even today their music means so much to their loyal fans and new fans alike.

You would be hard pressed to find anyone that had not heard “Wonderwall”, unless you know someone who has been living under a rock for the last 20 years. Oasis mania swept the nation and the effects are still here to be seen. The band’s first two albums are critically acclaimed and host a wide array of quintessential songs. These melodies have the attributes to make grown men weep – the life affirming Whatever and the beautifully nonsensical Supersonic are just a couple of the beloved songs that have been released by the Manchester outfit.

The list of Oasis classics is a massive one. However many forget that the band have a number of other great songs outside the classic or popular bracket. Songs that have not been given the recognition they deserve. The band is so well known and they are the creators of an abundance of renowned songs. Beneath this exterior is a collection of quality music that has to be heard. A collection that is wrongly underrated and that has the ability to change your whole perception of one of Britain’s best ever rock bands.


5. I Hope I Think I Know

It is very fitting that we begin with a song from the Manchester rockers’ third album – Be Here Now – as it is perhaps their most underrated album. It’s never easy to follow up two colossal records like Definitely Maybe and (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? and unless Be Here Now was up to those standards it was always going to be frowned upon by many. Although the album wasn’t quite the same caliber as the first two – it was still a great record.

And I Hope I Think I Know is one of the cogs in the Be Here Now machine that makes it so enjoyable. Liam’s voice is in the form of its life in this feel good rock serenade. Once you have given it a listen you will wonder just how you haven’t heard it before. I Hope I Think I Know is upbeat, it’s classic Oasis. The only thing that is lacking here is the strong amount of admiration it deserves.