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10 Stupidly Fun Toys Every Musician Needs

Mastered the six-string? How about the MicroKorg or the Keytar? 'Bout time you got stuck in then!

25 Apr 2014 Michael Downie

ARK Music Factory

20 Most Annoying Songs Of The New Millennium

"What's that comin' over the hill, is it a...." you'd already finished it hadn't you?

25 Apr 2014 Stephanie Farrell


10 Iconic Pop Songs Hilariously Covered By Metal Bands

Because if you haven't heard Oops, I Did It Again by a melodic death metal band, you haven't truly lived.

22 Apr 2014 Brad Lee


10 Artists Who Never Managed To Top Their First Album

Go on, name another Pearl Jam album anywhere near as good as Ten. Exactly.

18 Apr 2014 Brad Hamilton


Ranking The '27 Club' Based On Musical Talent

The legendary '27 Club' has members ranging from Janis Joplin to Kurt Cobain, but who was the best?

17 Apr 2014 Danny Parker


10 Best Guitarists You've Never Heard Of

We all know the Cobains and Slashs of the world, but how about the guys that are just as good, yet remain bound by obscurity?

17 Apr 2014 Michael Downie


11 Incredible Bands Ignored By The Mainstream Music Press

We're all too used to having whatever flavour of the week autotuned rubbish is being peddled at the time, but these guys are far more deserving of your attention.

17 Apr 2014 Mark Riley


10 Biggest Style Icons In Music History

16 Apr 2014 Jenna Cousins


20 Timeless Bruce Springsteen Songs

A rundown of The Boss's finest work.

16 Apr 2014 Ryan Droste


10 Landmark Albums That Defined Britpop

One of the most identifiable and influential movements in music history, it was very short lived yet the albums that were left behind are completely timeless.

14 Apr 2014 Sam Carter


19 Things Only Metallica Fans Will Understand

Metallica continue to have one of the most divided fanbases going, but there are a few things that unite them.

11 Apr 2014 Scott Tailford

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50 Red Hot Chili Peppers Songs Never Released As Singles That Every Fan Must Hear

With 30 years in the game (we know!), The Chili Peppers have a hugely enjoyable catalogue that extends far beyond the radio hits.

8 Apr 2014 Sam Shepherd

8 Albums That Prove 2014 Is The Comeback Year For Punk Rock

8 Apr 2014 Shawn-Ray Dalinsky


Arctic Monkeys: 10 Essential B-Sides Every Fan Must Hear

One of British rock's brightest lights, they just keep on giving even outside their initial track-listing.

6 Apr 2014 Michael Perry


10 Bands That Really Need To Call It A Day

When you've aged out your appeal and are playing the same single from 20 years ago, it might be better to take some time off.

6 Apr 2014 George Percival


6 Things To Expect From Ed Sheeran's Second Album

Ed Sheeran continues to go from strength to strength with a heart of gold to match, but can his success continue?

3 Apr 2014 Sam Shepherd


20 Landmark Songs Of The 60s

2 Apr 2014 Ed Nash

Charles Sykes/AP/Press Association Images

10 Bands Whose New Albums Can't Come Soon Enough

From momentum-gatherers to well-established behemoths, 2014 is going to be an amazing year for music.

27 Mar 2014 Douglas McCausland


10 Amazing Music Videos Of The 21st Century

We're in the midst of some pivotal changes within the music industry, but the art of creating a timeless music video is still thriving for the right artists.

27 Mar 2014 Mickey Galie

Screen Shot 2014 03 27 At 13 10 27

The Who: Ranking Their Albums From Worst To Best

How do you even begin sorting through some of the best albums of all time? We've definitely give it our best.

27 Mar 2014 William Egan