Janet Jackson Superbowl

10 Most Unforgettable Super Bowl Halftime Performances Ever

Warning: this article is brought to you with a five second delay in order to avoid nipple slips.

2 Feb 2015 Lewis Howse


Guns N' Roses: 13 Notorious Incidents You Won't Believe

The world of GnR is a very seedy jungle.

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21 Things You Didn't Know About Metallica

Oh, you mean Phantom Lord? That band with Hulk Hogan?

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10 Best Led Zeppelin Songs Of All Time

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Metallica: 10 Criminally Underplayed Songs You Need To Hear

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13 Problems Only The Smiths Fans Will Understand

These charming men.

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22 Greatest Guitarists Of All Time

Hot licks.

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10 Things You Didn't Know About Bruce Springsteen

They call him the Boss for a reason.

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15 Highest Paid Musicians Of 2014

Money, money, money.

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Asthmatic Kitty

10 Christmas Songs That Are Total Downers

Simply, having, a miserable Christmas time.

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10 Huge Nickelback Anthems You Won't Admit You Love

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12 Times Taylor Swift Melted Your Cold Heart

Because if you're not infatuated with Taylor Swift then you probably need professional help.

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10 Highest-Paid Women In Music 2014

Queen B still has the Midas touch.

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9 Songs So Good You Didn't Know They Were Covers

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15 Alternative Christmas Songs That Will Still Make You Feel Festive

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10 "Innocent" Songs You Didn't Realise Were Filthy As A Kid

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8 Irrefutable Reasons Punk Rock Is Good For Your Kids

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10 Ridiculously Awesome Christmas Songs To Get You In The Spirit

When everyone from Eazy-E to Weird Al Yankovic is involved, you should be too.

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12 Musicians You Didn't Realise Have Truly Bizarre Alter Egos

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15 Things Only Bruce Springsteen Fans Will Understand

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