Nick Cave

10 Best Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Songs

The Bad Seeds have become known for both tender love songs and disturbing menacing grooves, humourous lyrics as well as homages to the Bible and myths.

13 Jan 2014 Vectron44


10 Shocking Music Videos From Big-Name Artists

From the slightly inappropriate to the almost unwatchable.

12 Jan 2014 Mark White

5 Musicians That Need To Shut Up And Sing

11 Jan 2014 Patrick Farren

Arctic Mokeys

Arctic Monkeys: Ranking The Albums

2013 was a monumental year for Sheffield’s finest rock stars...

11 Jan 2014 Dan Owens

10 Best Albums To Expect In 2014

11 Jan 2014 Joshua Foster

12 Most Outrageous Things That Ever Came Out Of Morrissey's Mouth

"Meat is paedophilia" and other greatest hits from Manchester's favourite miserablist.

10 Jan 2014 Simon Gallagher

10 Highly Anticipated Heavy Metal Releases We Can't Wait To Hear In 2014

What bands are poised to unleash new metal brutality upon an unsuspecting world?

10 Jan 2014 Reverend Rock

The Doors

10 Greatest Debut Albums Of All Time

Every now and then, a band comes along that absolutely nails their debut. And sometimes, their debut even stands out as being their best work.

9 Jan 2014 J.D. Westfall

R Kelly's 10 Craziest Song Lyrics Of All Time

The reactions most likely to be generated from listening to these provocative tracks tend to consist of bewilderment, cringe, confusion, slight state of shock and hysterical laughter, as well as a lowered sex drive, all rolled up into a ball.

9 Jan 2014 Laura Francis


14 Nostalgic Songs That Turn 14 In 2014

Take a walk down memory lane and look at fourteen songs that represented the year 2000.

9 Jan 2014 Ryan Turk

Mercury Records

20 Love Songs To Cure Your January Blues

The only way to get through the post-holiday blues is listening to songs of love...

9 Jan 2014 Ed Nash

10 7" Singles That Defined Punk

So with punk making a come back and protesting against pretension, let's acknowledge the bands that the new breed have taken their cues from...

9 Jan 2014 Dan Owens


10 Pop Albums That Turn 10 In 2014

How many of them have stood the test of time?

8 Jan 2014 Matt Dunn

Springsteen High Hopes

Bruce Springsteen - High Hopes Album Review

Who would have guessed that Springsteen's 18th studio album would contain no new songs at all?

8 Jan 2014 Terry Hearn


10 Essential Nerd Metal Anthems

7 Jan 2014 Forrest Gabitsch

10 Best Bruce Springsteen Albums

Picking only ten albums from "The Boss" is no easy task...

7 Jan 2014 Stephen Kennedy

Blurrd L

8 Disturbing Meanings Of 2013's Biggest Tracks

We can blame the advent of streaming music all day long, but we can't blame the artists for not trying to at least shake things up with songs that left us feeling confused, uneasy and absolutely disturbed.

7 Jan 2014 Jon Negroni

Fitter Happier

10 Songs You Must Hear (That Are Under Two Minutes)

A selection of ten unmissable sub-two minute tracks which, though lodged like a passive interlude on arguably more languid, layered albums, manage something very special.

7 Jan 2014 Jack Haworth

10 Controversial Reasons Nickelback Are Actually Awesome

If people could actually just take a look at them with a clean slate, they might actually see that there are quite a few things that make Nickelback awesome.

6 Jan 2014 Joshua Foster


5 Stars Who Made Better Music On Drugs

For as long as narcotics and musicians have co-existed, they have co-mingled and ran head first towards each other...

5 Jan 2014 Luke Luby