Fitter Happier

10 Songs You Must Hear (That Are Under Two Minutes)

A selection of ten unmissable sub-two minute tracks which, though lodged like a passive interlude on arguably more languid, layered albums, manage something very special.

7 Jan 2014 Jack Haworth

10 Controversial Reasons Nickelback Are Actually Awesome

If people could actually just take a look at them with a clean slate, they might actually see that there are quite a few things that make Nickelback awesome.

6 Jan 2014 Joshua Foster


5 Stars Who Made Better Music On Drugs

For as long as narcotics and musicians have co-existed, they have co-mingled and ran head first towards each other...

5 Jan 2014 Luke Luby

The A-Z Of 2013's Breakout Acts

Love them or hate them, all these artists have made a name for themselves in 2013.

3 Jan 2014 Alex Antliff

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Top 10 Bob Dylan Songs (1962-1967)

Harmonicas and black shades at the ready, this isn’t going to be easy...

3 Jan 2014 Dan Owens

Sony Music

John Mayer: Ranking His Albums From Worst To Best

2013 was a reminder that John Mayer has still got it.

2 Jan 2014 Connor Dalton

Tiger Feet

10 Most Cheesy Songs From The 1970s

2 Jan 2014 Clare Simpson

10 Punk Bands You Must Listen To

Grab your iPod and that iTunes voucher you got for Christmas. You've got some downloading to do...

1 Jan 2014 Hannah Spencer

The Voice judges

Why The Voice Will Never Produce A Star

31 Dec 2013 Jono Gibson

Gangnam 600x300

10 Most Horrifically Overplayed Songs In Music History

31 Dec 2013 Jono Gibson

23 Laura Marling Once I Was An Eagle

25 Best Albums Of 2013

31 Dec 2013 WhatCulture

Giantdrag Heartsandunicorns

10 Amazing Noughties Albums No One Ever Talks About

The most underrated, neglected, under-talked-about albums of the 2000s.

31 Dec 2013 Stephanie Farrell


Top 16 Anti-Mainstream Albums Of 2013

With the hope that the Xmas cheer is plentiful and shared around, it's time to raise a glass or twelve, to some of the best albums of the year that deserve your attention across the holiday season.

30 Dec 2013 Scott Tailford

Screen Shot 2013 12 30 At 10 16 55

8 Legendary Musicians Who Should Really Call It A Day

We've kind of had enough looking at the wrinkled faces of these former legends...

30 Dec 2013 Stephen Kennedy

Screen Shot 2013 12 30 At 09 45 56

10 Cheesiest Songs Of The 80s

You will come out of this article stinking of Parmesan.

30 Dec 2013 Clare Simpson

Turquoise Jeep Records

7 Most Essential Turquoise Jeep Tracks

28 Dec 2013 Brad Jones

The Beatles

The Beatles: Their Top 40 Tracks

Join us as we rank the fab four's 40 best tracks ever.

24 Dec 2013 Andrew Simon Noel

We Cant Stop

8 Hated 2013 Pop Songs That Totally Deserve A Second Listen

24 Dec 2013 Chris Haigh

5 Reasons To Love The Darkness

23 Dec 2013 Guy Hurst

Common Courtesy

5 Best Pop Punk Albums Of 2013

The best releases from pop punk's biggest talents in 2013.

23 Dec 2013 Sam Coleman