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Top 6 Post-Physical Graffiti Led Zeppelin Songs

What lies beyond the stairway?

1 Aug 2014 Fred McNamara

12 Non-Headline Bands You Should See At Reading & Leeds

The next big things, the hot new acts, and the best bands around.

1 Aug 2014 Mark Riley

Myles Kennedy's 10 Most Impressive Vocal Moments

Possessing a phenomenal three octave vocal range, rehearsing with Led Zeppelin and singing with Slash - it's all in a day's work for Alter Bridge's frontman.

1 Aug 2014 Scott Tailford


10 Angry Albums By Mainstream Bands

Sometimes we just need to unleash the beast within...

27 Jul 2014 Henry Dowling


7 Famous Album Covers That Were Censored For Ridiculous Reasons

For those times when the creativity train got utterly derailed at precaution station.

20 Jul 2014 Jacob Trowbridge

La Face, RCA

10 Songs That Tricked You Into Thinking They're Happy

"Heeeeeey... no"

20 Jul 2014 Joseph Wood

Wikimedia Commons

10 Times Dave Grohl Was An Absolute Legend

A Grohltastic list of only a fraction of some of his contributions to us mere mortals on Earth.

20 Jul 2014 Mark Riley

Bloodstock Festival

Bloodstock 2014: 5 Bands You Must See

With a wealth of bands across multiple stages, allow this quick guide to make your decisions on who to see that little bit easier!

18 Jul 2014 James Weaver

Amy Winehouse Back To Black

20 Landmark Songs Of The 2000s

The noughties was a very confused decade, but there were still gems to be found.

18 Jul 2014 Ed Nash

Nick Ansell/PA Archive/Press Association Images

10 Most Overblown Stage Productions In Music Today

There's 'putting on a show', and then there's these guys...

17 Jul 2014 Mark Riley

Screen Shot 2014 07 14 At 11 11 04

10 Phenomenal Bands Whose Very First Songs Blew Us Away

Creating genre perfection from the very first record.

14 Jul 2014 Christopher Jennings


10 Great Bands Almost Ruined By Their Frontmen

All it takes is a dodgy front car to derail the whole train.

11 Jul 2014 Mark Riley


10 Criminally Underrated Beatles Tracks

A few hidden gems from the Fab Four every fan - new or otherwise - really needs to check out.

11 Jul 2014 Scott Skinner


Sonisphere 2014 Review: 8 Best Performances At Knebworth

The picks of this year's metal fest, from Japanese idol rock to a good old fashioned cockney knees up.

8 Jul 2014 Simon Gallagher


10 Best Post-Hardcore Albums Of The 21st Century

One of the fastest-growing and sonically-intense genres out there - but who rules the roost?

7 Jul 2014 Scott Williams


9 Famous Songs That Are Actually Responses To Other Famous Songs

A melodic middle finger hidden in plain sight.

7 Jul 2014 Jacob Trowbridge


15 Things Only Rise Against Fans Will Understand

From Warped Tour to Download Festival - the fans have grown tenfold along the way.

7 Jul 2014 Scott Tailford

Filth Pig Ministry

10 Most Disappointing Hard Rock Albums In History

Releases that challenged the loyalty of fans who embraced these bands in the first place.

3 Jul 2014 D.M. Anderson


Mark Tremonti's 10 Best Guitar Solos

The Tremonster has come a hell of a long way from Creed to birthing Alter Bridge - creating some of the best rock guitar solos in years along the way.

1 Jul 2014 Scott Tailford

Greg Allen/AP/Press Association Images

10 Artists Who Could Headline Glastonbury 2015

Who could create even more waves next year?

30 Jun 2014 Barry Marshall