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10 Popular Song Lyrics That Make No Sense

Many of the world's most respected musical talents have released songs containing nonsensical and incomprehensible lyrics.

26 Jan 2014 Catherine Northington


10 Best Music Videos Of 2013

2013 brought a plethora of empowering music accompanied by beautifully electric videos spanning from hip hop to post-hardcore.

25 Jan 2014 Alexandria Schmidt


7 Amazing Songs The Biggest Bands Never Play

Often a band's best work is tucked away on-album rather than the lead singles everyone else wants to hear.

25 Jan 2014 Nick Carter

Fred Durst

10 Infectiously Huge Limp Bizkit Songs You All Know The Words To

Don't admit to your friends you're a Limp Bizkit fan, I won't tell them either. This will be our secret: this list is for you.

24 Jan 2014 Alejandro Castro


10 Totally Whack Lyrics From Will.i.am

Have you ever stopped and taken the time to listen to the 'innovation' he's so-called providing?

24 Jan 2014 Luke Hearfield


8 Awful Bands You Won't Believe Are Still Going

Shame on you if you recognised the Vengaboys. Seriously.

24 Jan 2014 Mickey Galie


10 Greatest Indie Guitar Heroes

But where has the indie guitar hero gone? We need a new generation of gunslingers.

23 Jan 2014 Ed Nash


Top 5 Obscure Metallica Tracks

With Metallica playing more and more varied setlists these days, we dig into lesser explored corners of their back catalogue.

23 Jan 2014 Ciaran Twomey


15 Best Guitar Solos Of The 2000s

A truly great solo should encapsulate the mood and feel of a song, pushing it onto another level entirely.

22 Jan 2014 Scott Tailford

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10 Famous Songs You Had No Idea Were Covers

That's right. That song you've loved for years might not quite have the history you'd expect...

21 Jan 2014 Stephanie Farrell


5 Songs For Martin Luther King Jr. Day

This music speaks from the heart, is passionate, and all connote many things close to King's ideals and messages.

21 Jan 2014 Rod McCance

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10 Most Controversial Album Covers

Cast your eyes and try not to be offended.

20 Jan 2014 Dan Owens

AP Photo/Felipe Dana

10 Things Metallica Need To Get Right On The New Album

Following a critically-panned St. Anger and the career-restoring Death Magnetic, do the guys have what it takes to stay at the top?

19 Jan 2014 Scott Tailford


6 Essential UK Rock Festivals You Need To Attend In 2014

17 Jan 2014 Josh Stewart

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

5 Key Ways The Music Industry Will Change In 2014

The music industry is an entity that is tied to developments in technology, which means constant change in line with innovation.

17 Jan 2014 Jono Gibson


10 Best David Bowie Albums

From glam, to soul, to ambient soundscapes...

16 Jan 2014 Rory Macdowall


10 Increasingly Sick Riffs From The Masters You Can Learn Right Now

Calling all guitarists new and old!

16 Jan 2014 Scott Tailford


Michael Jackson: His 20 Best Tracks

Michael Jackson had a career starting from the late 70's all the way up to his sad death in 2009, and with that left us some of the best music of all time.

16 Jan 2014 Connor Dalton


15 Unforgettable Stock Aitken Waterman Singles

How many will you admit to knowing?

16 Jan 2014 Matt Dunn

The Knife Shaking The Habitual

7 Best Experimental Albums Of 2013

15 Jan 2014 Ryan Estabrooks