Wicked Game

22 Ultimate Break-Up Songs

Taylor Swift's entire back catalogue not included.

25 Feb 2014 Morgan Roberts


Musicians Of The World! Why Aren't Your Songs Being Heard?

25 Feb 2014 Nina Cresswell

Robin Thicke

10 Massive Music Acts Of 2013 Who Just Won't Last

Although 2013 had it's fair share of new artists and record-breaking singles, there's a distinct lack of longevity in these artists going forward.

23 Feb 2014 Oliver McQuitty


7 Bands Where 2014 May Be Their Last Year

They've had one hell of an innings, but sometimes there's more dignity in knowing when to throw in the towel than keep going.

23 Feb 2014 Matthew Moffitt


Top 20 Classic Queen Tracks

One of the most prolific and legendary bands of all time, but have you heard their best?

21 Feb 2014 Wayne Madden


15 Most Pulse-Pounding Motörhead Tracks

With 22 albums under their belt Motörhead are one of the most influential bands of all time, responsible for the very state of heavy music in 2014.

20 Feb 2014 Christopher Jennings


15 Landmark Albums That Changed The Face Of Music Forever

There are certain albums that meant after the world took notice, things would never be the same again.

17 Feb 2014 Mickey Galie


7 Rock Legends Who Really Have No Business Still Being Alive

We'll be honest, some of these guys we didn't even realise were still alive, let alone performing...

16 Feb 2014 Nate Pickering

Walt Disney Productions

8 Embarrassing Early Personas Of Famous Musicians

Did you know Jim Morrison used to star in his college's cheesy promotional videos? There's plenty more where that came from...

16 Feb 2014 Ryan Thomas


15 Best Old-School Rap Albums

Although the rap genre of today is a completely different beast than that of yesteryear, these albums will always deserve your attention.

16 Feb 2014 Michael Perone

Universal Music

10 Live Performances That Left A Lasting Legacy

Live music is always memorable, but sometimes there are those history-defining gigs that make the record books...

16 Feb 2014 Marzi


6 Sexiest Sounding Jimi Hendrix Tracks

The groove riffs, the breathy air of his voice - did Hendrix single-handedly cause a boom in population in the 60s and 70s?

15 Feb 2014 Andrew


14 Phenomenal Bands To Watch Out For In 2014

As 2014 really kicks into gear, who and what do we have to look forward to?

14 Feb 2014 Patrick Dalziel

AP Photo/Christian Parma

Metallica: 6 Reasons They're Undeniably Better Than Megadeth

A debate 30 years old and still raging on; with several oceans worth of water under bridge, what do you think?

14 Feb 2014 JD Shrader


15 Love Songs For Valentine's Day

Love is in the air, everywhere you look around.

14 Feb 2014 Morgan Roberts


10 Completely Insane Demands That Entertainers Made For Gigs

All Mariah Carey wants for Christmas is you. For her gigs, she wants a swan that sweats champagne. And a dwarf. And a puppy.

14 Feb 2014 Reverend Rock


Top 10 Anti-Valentine's Day Love Songs

Some songs are best steered clear of, when dedicating them to your significant other this Valentine's Day.

13 Feb 2014 Wayne Madden

RCA Records

8 Embarrassing Adult Re-Inventions From Famous Musicians

Reliving those times musicians tried for something more mature, and heroically failed instead. Note: may include hip-hopera.

13 Feb 2014 Emma Donovan


10 Artists Who Need To Make A Comeback

The more amazing work you put out and the more you build up a diehard fanbase, the more they'll never, ever let you go.

13 Feb 2014 Justin Crockett

Green Day Dookie

Green Day: 6 Reasons You Should Still Listen To Dookie 20 Years On

Released two decades ago this month, Dookie still holds an astounding brilliance.

11 Feb 2014 Katie Feehan