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10 Artists Who Grew Out Of Their Appeal

When your core appeal is based around teenage angst and the shoegazing, it's a bit hard to tap into it when you're say.....41 with a few kids of your own.

16 May 2014Stephanie Farrell

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10 Ways Metallica Changed Rock Music

One of the highest-grossing bands of all time are also one of the most divisive and risk-taking - Metallica's game-changing placement in music history remains a debated one.

16 May 2014JD Shrader

Universal Music

20 Landmark Songs Of The 80s

From Prince to The Smiths, the 80s is still revered as one of the most important in music history.

13 May 2014Ed Nash


Wale: His 10 Best Tracks You Need To Hear

American rapper Wale has become a huge force to be reckoned with over the years with his honest and relatable lyrics, but which track is his finest work?

30 Apr 2014Rich Latta II


10 Great Albums You Probably Missed In 2013

We all get battered over the heads with albums of the year lists comprised of what we've already heard a hundred times over, but what of everything else that's just as worth a listen?

29 Apr 2014Matthew Murray