Ranking All 7 Blink-182 Studio Albums From Worst To Best

Well I guess this is growing up.

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Of all the bands that have made their name in the pop punk scene over the years, very few can claim to be as iconic and prevailing as Blink-182.

This three-piece rock outfit got their start in the southern California skate punk scene before rising to the mainstream and taking the world of music by storm. And despite lineup changes, a notorious hiatus, and personal tragedy among the band's members, Blink has endured for just over twenty-five years now.

In addition to their various demos, EPs, and compilations, Blink-182 has a released a total of seven studio albums over their long career. When listened to in succession, these records really paint a picture of just how much their style has evolved over time, as well as of their uncanny ability to go from carefree to poignant and back again at a moment's notice.

Now that Blink's most recent studio release, 'California' (and its deluxe edition), has been out for some time, it seems as good a time as any to try and decide which album from this iconic group's heterogeneous catalog is the very best.

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