'Reality Road' - Trailer

#RealityRoad New online reality TV show from Volvo and Mapei

<![CDATA[!function(a,b,c){var d=a.getElementsByTagName(b);a.getElementById(c)||(a=a.createElement(b),a.id=c,a.src=("https:"==document.location.protocol?"http://player-services.goviral-content.com".replace(/^http\:/,"https:"):"http://player-services.goviral-content.com")+"/embed-code/index/find?placementVersionId=9352817714338565821591035",d.parentNode.insertBefore(a,d))}(document,"script","gv_script_9352817714338565821591035");]]> Welcome to €˜Reality Road€™, the newest online reality TV show, which is being brought to you from Volvo Trucks and Mapei. Accompanied by a Volvo truck full of props, and driven by one of the best and most recognised truck drivers in the world, Jen Karlsson, the series is an entertaining and original look at creative ingenuity. Volvo is following on its recent trend of musical collaborations, to bring us the next level of marketing innovation. In what is one of the first instances of reality TV being used as a direct marketing tool, Volvo are trailblazing a route to increased engagement with the consumer. And in turn providing a distinctive and unique look in to how creative influences play a part across the spectrum of art and design. After spending time growing up in Sweden and the US during different stages of her younger life, Mapei emerged from the Stockholm underground rap scene to launch her first EP €˜The Cocoa Butter Diaries€™ in 2009. If this was a record that for most part stayed under the radar as to circumvent any real critical acclaim, Mapei€™s first full album €˜Hey Hey€™ in 2014 saw her rise to prominence, and earmarked as a major player in the hip hop soul scene. Over the 5 video series we follow Mapei as she embarks on a mammoth road trip through central Europe, setting off from Sweden and concluding in Italy. Along the 4,000km journey she will take inspiration from the contrasting sights and sounds of places she visits, and influences from the people she meets, to help shape the music video to her new song; €˜Million Ways To Live€™. This first video trailer shows just what we have got to look forward to in the upcoming episodes. Be sure to check back for the upcoming episodes over the next couple of weeks here at WhatCulture.

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The Volvo Group is a Swedish multinational manufacturing company headquartered in Gothenburg.