The Beatles: 14 Most Under-Appreciated Songs

2. Oh! Darling (Abbey Road)

Abbey Road saw The Beatles go back to their roots after spending the previous few years experimenting in the studio as much as possible, and it's hard to believe that this was one of the group's later songs as opposed to earlier in their career.

Sandwiched between hits in Come Together, Something, and Octopus's Garden, this song is a simple request by someone to their lover that they stay and not leave, because they mean that much to them. McCartney's rock-star vocals and bluesy piano make the lyrics shine bright, and how. In what is very fitting for the late 1960s, it's hard to not imagine this song being performed by someone like Janis Joplin.

Across The Universe brought this into the mainstream just a bit, so it has gotten its due recognition in recent years. Still, compared to everything else on what is an excellent album, it's still small potatoes.

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