Tigress: Who Cares EP Review

Get yourself ready because this isn’t just another pop-punk band…

Who cares tigress
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Who cares? Well, you should!

Tigress have come out with their sleeves up, energetic and angry with a point to prove, introducing themselves to a whole new level and audience on their third EP release and one things for sure, they truly mean business this time around...

Starting off with an caught on tape argument from the studio saying “Its already recorded isn't it?” and a response of “Yeah, but let's do it properly and not s**t”, opening track Paranoid suggests the band have put everything they can into these new tracks. After building a heap of momentum from their debut release Human (2016) and Like It Is (2017) the Sussex, UK quintet have set the bar high with no room for failure, channeling their darker and p*ssed off roots.

Who Cares offers a five song collection of alternative, grunge and heavy rock riffs mixed in with an heap of hook based choruses that get you cheered up for war and would perfectly soundtrack that walk home from a bad day at the office or fit in nicely with some out of control road-rage. Singles like Bring Me Down and Hangman can easily be imagined sang back by a few thousand festival fanatics in the crowds of Download or Reading and Leeds with Over Your Love and the six-minute story of The Cycle opening up more to their slower and intimate progressive side.

With guitar tones in the shape of Muse to Nirvana, Marmozets and even Wolf Alice, the band's influences are spreading far and wide and showcases that they aren’t scared to experiment a little instead of keeping inside the alternative rock genre box. Tigress are showing that they have an edge and potential they’re eager to unlock, but at the moment there's just that final, little ingredient missing to put them on an a level of their own. However it sounds like it isn't far behind. They’ve finally stepped out of the shadows of the members former musical outlet The Hype Theory with these tracks being a true testament to their workload and hunger to grow.

It’s without question now that a debut full length studio album now needs to follow. With these three EP’s and testing the water with a host of tours, the band need to make sure that their first full length has to continue this Who Cares formula just with something a little bit extra. It’ll be interesting to see what comes or where they go next but Who Cares seems a great twenty-six minute journey on their way to the top.

Tigress should be a band on everyone's lips in today's rock music scene.

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