TOOL - Fear Inoculum: Every Song Ranked From Worst To Best

10. Litanie Contre La Peur

Ranking and reviewing Fear Inoculum's interludes and ambient tracks is tricky. They weren't written to be taken in the same way as the album's more expansive pieces, but to bridge the gaps between them. Thus, overanalysis is pointless and won't be undertaken in this column.

"Litanie Contre La Peur" was seemingly recorded after the bulk of Tool's Fear Inoculum sessions then added to the tracklist some time between mid-August's exclusive listening parties and release day, meaning that almost everyone heard it for the first them on 30 August. Driven primarily by Danny Carey's electronics, it's the album's least memorable track, but a fitting one. The dizziness kicking in towards the end fits with Fear Inoculum's overall vibe, serving as a nice transition into "Invincible."


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