Top 20 Classic Queen Tracks

One of the most prolific and legendary bands of all time, but have you heard their best?

There is arguably no greater team of musicians than that of John Deacon, Brian May, Freddy Mercury and Roger Taylor. Known collectively as British rock band Queen, their music became legendary, their exploits became fantasy and their impact became embedded in popular culture. Separately the band members were academic geniuses too, with Taylor studying to become a Dentist and Deacon even designing and building his own amp. Dr Brian May recently finished his doctorate post-Queen and alongside his father Harold, built his own guitar; the infamous 'Red Special' whose unique sound has echoed throughout 40 years of musical creation. Towards the late 60's Taylor/May had a band named Smile with vocalist Tim Staffel and met an oddly dressed Jimi Hendrix-obsessed fashion student named Freddie Mercury. Mercury himself had a rather strange upbringing, born into wealth and luxury at the tail end of the British Empire in Africa, before being moved to a small terraced house in South London on the flight path to Heathrow. Feeling despondent and parting ways with Staffel, Mercury quickly saw his chance, volunteering his own services for the band. A partnership was born €“ one completed sometime later with the addition of Deacon €“ and cemented with the release of the band's self-titled debut album in 1973. For your pleasure we present the 'Top 20 Classic Queen Tracks' which, we feel, deserve to be played and played again. A playlist quite fit for royalty.
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