Top 5 Megadeth Albums

Killing is my Business Megadeth and primarily Dave Mustaine, Megadeth's founding member and undisputed leader, have been making music since 1983 and are on the cusp of releasing 'Super Collider' their 14th studio album. A major force in Thrash Metal, Mustaine practically invented the genre during his time in Metallica, Megadeth are hugely influential pioneers of the American Thrash movement alongside their fellow 'Big 4' alumni, Metallica, Slayer and Anthrax. These bands are responsible for creating, developing and popularising Thrash Metal and Megadeth have always been at the forefront, challenging convention and releasing consistently strong albums throughout their career. This list concentrates on Megadeth's 5 greatest achievements, albums that have sold by the millions and continue to be revered for their technicality, ferocity, incendiary guitar work and the fearsome vision of Dave Mustaine; one of metals true icons...

5. Endgame

endgameRecommended Track: Head Crusher, a massive return to form and a modern speed metal classic. Endgame, released in 2009, is so defiantly old school it sounds like it could have been the follow up to 1990's Rust In Peace; such is its state-of-the-art speed-metal appeal. Continuing their return to form which was kickstarted by 2008€™s United Abominations this is a furious and unrelenting modern thrash record par excellence. The astonishing instrumental 'Dialectic Chaos' bleeds effortlessly into 'This Day We Fight!' and the listener is left in no doubt that Megadeth, after 26 years, still mean serious business. New guitarist Chris Broderick compliments Mustaine perfectly, creating Megadeth's finest guitar partnership since the heady days of Mustaine and Friedman. There are no real surprises here, just 11 Thrash monsters and while the band appear to be operating within their comfort zone it is refreshing to know that a modern Megadeth record will deliver the thrills fans craved from their undisputed 80€™s classics; namely heads down, raging, technical Thrash Metal.
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